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A fully automated, optical inspection system for analyzing opaque, transparent, and semi-transparent wafers for defects. nSPEC® offers fast quantification and qualification of defects with detailed reporting and mapping.

nSPEC® can image and analyze substrate and epi wafers as well as patterned and diced wafers as well as individual devices. The system has multiple magnifications to fully characterize defect frequency and type. nSPEC® also offers complete rapid scanning and mosaicing of wafers. Users can easily define reports and statistical functions. 

The inspection system design allows for easy set up of repeated quality control testing, in addition to settings for single image capture or scans. Configuration options include wafer size, types of defects to be identified, and resolution of scan. Various sample chucks are available to meet specific needs as well as an optional wafer loader.
The system is delivered fully functional and includes installation and training. The nSPEC® has a one year warranty which includes software maintenance and updates.


White Light Illumination     LED (other lighting options available)
Brightfield/Darkfield Objectives     5, 10, 20 or 50x, user selectable
Differential Interference Contrast     (Nomarski)



Options AFM     Specs available upon request



Pixel size, typical     4.54v microns
Image size, typical     2752 x 2200 pixels
Maximum frame rate     17.4 fps



Control Stage     Computer and joystick controlled
Focus     Automated and manual 
Nosepiece     Computer controlled, optional 
Illumination     Computer controlled, optional 
Camera     Automated and manual