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nSPEC®3D is an automated, rapid optical microscope that provides surface topographies and quantitative roughness measurements. Traditional industries such as tire, medical device, steel, battery, aerospace and automotive require a new way of inspecting quality and irregularities in the process. nSPEC®3D allows users to customize measurements for each complex system in a rapid, reproducible and easy to use fashion. It includes full hardware and software solutions, with classification of features and the ability to navigate three-dimensional space. nSPEC®3D is also a tool for researchers to optimize a process and transfer data to a production environment.



Sample Holder

nSPEC®3D comes with custom sample holders or a new standard chuck that allow for multiple samples to be scanned, tested, and analyzed.

Atomic Force Microscope

nSPEC®3D offers an AFM attachment as an add-on feature, which can be used to visualize samples with nanometer resolution.

Options Gesture Control     Topography rotation and zoom
Sample Loading     Custom automation available
White Light Illumination     LED (other lighting options available)
Brightfield/Darkfield Objectives     5, 10, 20, 50 or 100x, user selectable
Differential Inference Contrast     (Nomarski)
Polarizer and Analyzer     Manual control
Nosepiece     Single standard, optional multi objective



Features Resolution     500 nm
Thresholding     x, y, z axes
Histograms     Surface roughness distribution
Area of interest analysis     Vertical, horizontal, and regions of interest
Feature classification     By size, frequency, morphology
X, Y Scanning capability     150 x 150 mm
Z Axis full range of motion     15 mm
Standard Objective     20x
Weight     30 kg
Dimensions     40 cm x 60 cm x 90 cm (not including computer components)
Included     Computer, monitor, keyboard
nSPEC®3D power requirements     110/220 vAC, 50/60Hz, 10 amp